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Thursday, 7th July 2011
In Japan Entertainment News,

Tiger Woods to heat-up Japanese screens

Tiger Woods will be hitting Japanese screens next month with an endorsement for Kowa Company's new heat-rub cream.

It will be the golfer's first time back on Japanese TV since early coffee adverts he appeared in during the late 1990s.

The three-year deal will surely be a welcome addition to Woods' lacklustre public image. He was previously dumped by AT&T and Gatorade, while Gillette later decided not to renew his deal following revelations about his private life.

His agent, Mark Steinberg, was hopeful about Woods' commercial future.

He said: "I'm not looking at this as his first deal, or second deal. I look at this as showing he's a global attraction."

Woods' public image was internationally tarnished in 2009 when a string of women exposed their saucy affairs with the golf star.

The 15 second promo shows Tiger on a darkened golf course preparing for a shot. As he strikes the ball, the picture switches to a man rubbing cream into his lower back.

Japan could be just the platform he needs to get his game on track, both on and off the course.

Written by Mark Smith