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Monday, 27th June 2011
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Nearly two-thirds of electorate want Kan out 'by August'

A rising proportion of Japanese voters want the prime minister Naoto Kan to stand down by the end of August.

That is according to a new survey by Nikkei and TV Tokyo Corporation, which also revealed that 42 per cent of people want the prime minister to leave office immediately.

The proportion of people who want Mr Kan to stand down now has doubled since the survey was last held, just one month ago.

According to the organisations which held the survey, 1,501 households were polled over the weekend on questions about the prime minister's performance and future.

Many of the Japanese electorate feel the prime minister - who has already conceded he will stand down at a date in the near future - mishandled the March crises of earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima power plant situation.

The poll also found that support for the Kan government in general dropped two points to 26 per cent.

Written Kimberly Homer

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