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Thursday, 16th June 2011
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Scientists unveil pot of water which can charge phones

Inventors in Japan have unveiled a new pot, but a pot with a difference: one that can charge a mobile phone.

TES NewEnergy Corporation unveiled the Hatsuden-nabe, which converts heat waste from boiling water in the pan into electricity, on June 10th, according to Kyoda News.

All the device needs to charge is a heat source, so it can be used in situations when the electricity network is down. It can charge an iPhone via its USB connection in between three and five hours.

Ryoji Funahashi, a director at TES NewEnergy, said that the company were sure to increase their production efforts after the recent natural disaster.

"After the earthquake and tsunami in north-eastern Japan, we went into full swing in developing the product," he said.

"The product is unaffected by the weather or the time of the day, unlike solar energy, and since the motors don't shake, it's hard to break."

Written by Kimberley Homer

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