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Thursday, 16th June 2011
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French chefs join together to host charity dinner for Japan

Top French chefs have held an exclusive dinner with all proceeds going towards the oyster farmers of Japan.

The French foreign ministry held a 1,000 euro-per-head (£870) dinner, with dishes cooked by chefs such as two-Michelin-starred Thierry Marx, according to news provider France 24.

Alain Ducasse, the French chef who holds three Michelin Stars for his restaurant at the Dorchester and also cooked at the event, told the news provider that the meal will be made up of serious dishes.

"We're not here to do a cooking demonstration," he said. "The goal is clearly to raise money. It's a very nice dinner that will bring in significant revenues for our Japanese colleagues who are facing difficulty."

The two countries have a long history when it comes to oysters, with Japan sending baby oysters to France around 50 years ago, when the European country's own shellfish were hit with a disease.

Written by Mark Smith