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Monday, 23rd May 2011
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Tokyo's subways to offer on-board Wi-Fi

Always at the cutting edge of modern technology, the Japanese capital of Tokyo will be offering high-speed internet on board subway trains next year, it has been announced.

The WiMax service will allow passengers to send and receive text messages and even surf the net on board underground trains, Kyodo News reports.

From March 2012 onwards, the new service will be rolled out by two subway operators in the metropolitan area: the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the privately run Tokyo Metro Co.

Broadband service firm UQ Communications plans to install the Wi-Fi equipment across the city's entire subway network.

Mobile phone networks are currently available in subway stations but not on board moving trains, the news provider added.

Tokyo's subway system features nine different lines and some services operate 'women-only' cars to offer a more peaceful experience for mothers with small children and female commuters alike.

Written by Susan Ballion