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Thursday, 14th April 2011
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Cherry blossom season coming to Hokkaido

As most of Japan celebrates the start of spring with the blooming of the cherry trees, the northernmost island of Hokkaido has to wait patiently, but the colourful blossom is due to arrive in the next few weeks.

According to the Japanese National Tourist Organisation (JNTO), the first blooming is expected in the island's southern town of Matsumae on April 29th.

Visitors to Nemuro City will have to wait until May 19th to see the colourful and iconic trees in bloom, however.

Such is the variety of climates in Japan that it takes almost two months for the blossom to reach Nemuro after its first blooming of the year in the southernmost parts of the country.

Popular varieties of cherry tree on Hokkaido include the Someiyoshino, which is famous in Ishikari, and the Ezoyamasakura or Mountain Cherry Tree.

The JNTO said in a statement that Hokkaido is predicted to have a very mild spring season this year leading to cherry blossoms appearing two days earlier than usual.

Written by Kimberley Homer