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Monday, 11th April 2011
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Sendai airport to re-open this week, reports AFP

Just over a month after being severely struck by the March 11th earthquake, Sendai airport is due to re-open, it has been reported.

Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines said on Friday (April 8th), that they would be resuming services to the airport in Miyagi Prefecture this week, with commercial services expected to resume by Wednesday, AFP reported.

The airport was badly damaged by the torrent of mud, water and debris that rushed through the region exactly one month ago today, with many planes being scattered from their runways.

Since then, teams of specialist US personnel have been working to re-open the stricken airport and ferrying in relief supplies.

Miyagi Prefecture is still facing severe transport disruptions, however, with many roads closed and the bullet train services suspended.

This news comes after Japan cancelled the tsunami warning issued earlier today after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck 81 km south of Fukushima.

The major tremor is the second such earthquake to take place in the past three days.

Written by Mark Smith

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