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Monday, 21st March 2011
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Sony and Nissan to restart plants this week

Japanese business giants Sony Corp and Nissan Motor Co have announced that they will be resuming production in seven of their factories this week.

Sony spokesman Hiroshi Okubo said that the electronics firm plans to restart a factory that makes rechargeable batteries in Tochigi prefecture, on March 22nd.

Meanwhile, Japan’s second-largest auto manufacturer Nissan said in a statement that it will resume operations at six factories tomorrow (March 22nd) and some vehicle assembly from March 24th.

The March 11th earthquake hit Japan's manufacturing sector hard, Bloomberg reports, while rolling blackouts and transport problems have led to severe supply chain disruptions.

Sony had already re-opened two other plants last week, but six plants in Miyagi and Fukushima prefecture are still lying idle.

Meanwhile, Sir Howard Stringer, chief executive of Sony, has said today that Japan's multi-billion-pound recovery programme could help jump-start the economy.

However, he admitted in an interview with CNN that "we just don't know enough at the moment as to when this crisis will end".

Written by Susan Ballion

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