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Monday, 7th March 2011
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Japan Airlines celebrates doll festival

Japan Airlines has shown support for a special day in the Japanese culture - Hinatmatsuri (Doll's Festival).

Every year at the start of March, the special day focuses on celebrating the health and happiness of daughters and for a month, households with daughters display special dolls known as Hina ningyo.

To highlight the day, Japan Airlines operated a special all-female flight from Tokyo to Seoul, with all staff members being women, apart from the captain. Ground crew including baggage handlers for the flight were also all females.

"I am grateful to many who supported this flight - my first with the aircraft spotting the crane livery," said Madoka Tachikawa, co-pilot of the flight.

She added: "Without forgetting this feeling I have of flying this special flight, I shall work hard to continually provide safe and comfortable journeys for our customers."

The airline recently revealed plans to introduce a new logo as part of a strategy to update its image.

Written by Mark Smith.

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