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Monday, 7th March 2011
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Exam cheating scandal continues

A 19-year-old boy arrested for cheating on a university entrance exam via the internet is could face severe punishments.

The unnamed student is believed to have posted a number of questions from Kyoto Universty's paper on a Yahoo website using his mobile phone.

However, many people are calling for the release of the boy because it is not a criminal offence.

"The way police handled the situation is totally out of line," said Tsutomu Shimizu, head of the private group Akarui Keisatsu wo Jitsugen Suru Zenkoku Nettowaaku (National Network to Realize Better Police) told Kyodo News.

"If cheating on an exam is a crime, there will be too many criminals," he added.

A Kyoto police spokesman, Akira Koga, explained that the boy had been arrested because the "social impact" of his cheating was substantial.

It was recently suggested that mobile phones could be banned from exam halls in order to tackle the growing concern over cheating.

Written by Susan Ballion.