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Wednesday, 2nd March 2011
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Japan Airlines launches new logo

Japan Airlines (JAL) has revealed plans for a new logo as it continues to update its image and long-term prospects.

From the start of April, the airline will start introducing the new "tsurumaru" crane branding to help promote the idea of speed, reported the Japan Times.

"We adopted the logo with the determination of going back to the basics, when we had the spirit of challenge," JAL's president Masaru Onishi told reporters.

He added: "We want to create a regenerated JAL."

The company has around 150 aircraft and is planning to rebrand each plane when it require repainting, therefore it could take around eight years for the whole fleet to be updated to the new logo.

JAL also announced plans to replace its Boeing 747 planes and replace them with more fuel efficient medium and small sized craft.

The carrier flies to a total of 39 countries and regions and has operations in 288 airports worldwide.

Written by Susan Ballion.

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