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Thursday, 6th November 2008
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Japanese community celebrates Obama's historic win

The Japanese fishing town of Obama has been celebrating the victory of its namesake in the US presidential election.

Residents of the close-knit community, which has a population of around 32,000, gathered to watch the election which concluded with a landslide victory for the Democrat candidate Barack Obama.

Around 1,500 people joined a supporters group, while dozens joined the Obama Girls hula dance team to celebrate the Hawaiian heritage of the new president, reports Fox News.

Kouhi Matsuzaki, the mayor of Obama, commented: "The election has awakened this town. People have the feeling that 'I want to do something'."

Meanwhile, Seiji Fujiwara, the brains behind the town's Obama for Obama campaign, said: "There are other towns named Obama in Japan, but we were the first to react."

Mr Obama's victory in the election was historic not just because of his ethnicity, but also because he managed to break the Republican party's stranglehold on the American south.