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Wednesday, 16th February 2011
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Japan to develop world's fastest train

Japan could be home to the world's fastest train following a new announcement from the Central Japan Railway Company.

The transport firm is hoping to build a new line between Tokyo and Nagoya that will be capable of accommodating the world's fastest trains.

Costing around $64 billion, the 178 miles of new track will allow trains obtaining speeds of around 310 miles per hour and will help to reduce the travelling time between the two cities from 95 minutes to around 40 minutes.

Currently, trains making the journey travel at 167 miles per hour. However, the use of magnetic levitation on the new line will reduce the impact of friction on the trains and ensure faster speeds.

The Central Japan Railway Company, established in 1987, also confirmed that the line could eventually be expanded to Osaka by the end of 2045.

Written by Susan Ballion.