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Tuesday, 1st February 2011
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Check out manga in Japan

The best places to see manga art in Japan have been listed in a new article from the country's tourism board.

In its monthly web-magazine, the Japan National Tourism Organisation said a "popular pursuit" these days is visiting sites and areas associated with the genre.

On top of the Kyoto International Manga Museum there are a number of locations that anime fans will enjoy visiting.

These include Seiben in Hirakawa, Aomori Prefecture, which is the model for the house featured in the film The Borrower Arrietty.

Another interesting destination is the port of Sakaiminato, which is located in the north-western part of Tottori and is the hometown of famous anime creator Shigeru Mizuki.

"The main thrill that visitors derive from going to such locations is the feeling of blending right in to the story when they see the actual scenery or buildings depicted in anime," the article explained.

"In fact, these places are becoming popular sightseeing destinations, and interested visitors are encouraged to search for the locations of their favourite anime, and in the process, discover new ways of enjoying Japan not mentioned in most travel guides."

Written by Mark Smith