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Friday, 28th January 2011
In Japan Travel News,

Japan welcomes 8.61m visitors in 2010

Japan saw a record number of foreign visitors last year, according to new figures.

The Japan National Tourism Organisation,founded in 1964, reported a 26.8 per cent increase in numbers to total 8.61 million in the 12 months of 2010.

It is thought that the worldwide economic recovery helped boost interest in Japan as well as the resumption of international flights to Tokyo's Haneda airport.

The increase is the largest recorded by Japan since 1970 when there was a 40.4 per cent rise that was largely due to the holding of the Osaka World Expo.

However, the total number of visitors was below the Japanese government's target for the year but the Japan National Tourist Organisation believes this was due to the growing diplomatic tensions with China.

A series of territorial disputes between the two nations is thought to have discouraged some Chinese travellers from visiting Japan.

Written by Mark Smith.