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Wednesday, 26th November 2008
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Mongolian sumo Amo promoted

Sumo wrestler Ama is celebrating after being promoted to the sport's second-highest rank of ozeki today (November 25th).

The Mongolian wrestler, 24, received the promotion following a number of a impressive performances in tournaments of late.

An executive meeting of the Japan Sumo Association endorsed the wrestler's ascension after he achieved records of 10-5 and 12-3 in the months of the July and September, reports Japan Today.

Previously, Ama, who made his professional debut in January 2001, had wrestled at the third-highest rank of sekiwake.

The highest rank achievable in sumo wrestling is yokozuna when wrestlers become Grand Champion.

There are currently only two yozokuna; Hakuho and Asashoryu.

In November 2004, Ama broke into the top makuuchi division and has overcome his size disadvantage through speed and tenacity in the ring.

He recently finished runner-up in a play-off defeat to Grand Champion and fellow Mongolian Hakuho in the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament.