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Tuesday, 16th November 2010
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Obama visits Kamakura statue

US president Barack Obama has visited the Japanese city of Kamakura during his short-break to the region.

He has been attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum summit in Japan and opted to travel to the Kotokuin Temple to see a 13 metre statue of the Great Buddha. The US leader also sampled some of the local green tea ice cream and brought presents for his daughters before heading back home.

It is understood that Mr Obama visited the same site with his mother when he was six years old.

AFP reports the president left a message in a visitor book at the famous site, saying: "It is wonderful to return to this great treasure of Japanese culture. Its beauty has stayed with me for many years."

The Great Buddha statue was created in 1252 and was initially located in a special wooden temple. However, it is thought that a tsunami destroyed the building and it was never rebuilt.

Written by Mark Smith.