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Friday, 29th October 2010
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Japan issues weather warnings

The weather bureau of Japan has issued a number of weather warnings as a typhoon continues to head towards the region.

Typhoon Chaba, the 14th of the year, has brought heavy rains and strong winds to the island of Okinawa and there are concerns that it could head further north to the islands of Amami.

Last week, the small islands of Amami were hit by very heavy rains that led to the death of three people.

"We're on alert and ready to evacuate people if we need to", said Kiyoto Kumamoto, deputy head of the Amami City police station, reports Bloomberg.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), Typhoon Chaba could bring winds of up to 222km per hour and cause significant damage.

The JMA was formally created in 1957 and is now part of the Japan's ministry of land, infrastructure and transport.

Written by Susan Ballion.