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Thursday, 14th October 2010
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JAXA provided underwear to miners

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has confirmed that it provide the trapped Chile mines with special underwear.

The high-tech underwear was originally designed for use in space but as it is effective at absorbing moisture and odour, it was considered ideal for the miners, reports Kyodo News.

Five sets of underwear were sent to each of the 33 miners via Chile's government. Japan's foreign ministry also sent the trapped workers special sweets and mints that are used by astronauts to relieve stress when in space.

"Most of the miners we have observed via news programs were stripped to the waist, so we are not sure if they tried our underwear," a JAXA official said.

"Anyway, what is most important is that they would be lifted out safely to the surface."

All of the miners, who have been trapped underground since August 5th, have now been rescued in an operation that lasted 22 hours.

Written by Mark Smith.

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