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Wednesday, 13th October 2010
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Actor Ryo Ikebe dies

The popular Japanese actor Ryo Ikebe has died at a Tokyo hospital as a result of blood poisoning.

The 92 year-old featured in a number of movies and praised by critics for his role in the 1949 black and white film Aoi Sanmyaku (The Green Mountains).

He also starred in hit movies such as Akatsuki no Dasso (Desertion at Dawn), Soshun (Early Spring) and Yukiguni (Snow Country).

Ikebe's career continued to flourish and by the 1960s and 1970s, he featured in a number of yakuza movies.

Overall, Ikebe appeared in more than 150 films and worked with a number of figures within the Japanese industry such as Tadashi Imai and Kon Ichikawa.

Meanwhile, the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival is to start on October 23rd and this year will feature over 100 films, with a variety of special screenings, workshops and seminars being held every day until October 31st.

Written by Mark Smith