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Friday, 13th August 2010
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Japan searches for its lost centenarians

Japanese authorities have begun a nationwide hunt for citizens over the age of 100, after two people supposed to be two of the oldest in the country turned out to be deceased and missing.

According to figures so far, nearly 200 of the centenarians are missing. Authorities are conducting the search ahead of an annual day held in the country which honours its older citizens.

Japan has one of the world's oldest populations but the number of people aged 100 or over is now under dispute. Last month, a man registered as 111 years old was found dead in his home - and it is thought he may have passed away up to 30 years ago.

Authorities continued to believe he was alive as millions of yen in pension payments had been drawn in his name since the death of his wife in 2004.

Officials said that in Osaka, 64 out of 857 centenarians are currently unaccounted for. In Kobe, there are 847 people alleged to be aged 100 and over, but after investigations, some 105 of these are unaccounted for.

Written by Kimberley Homer.