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Monday, 9th August 2010
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Nagasaki marks atomic bomb anniversary

The 65th anniversary of the deadly atomic bombing of Nagasaki has been marked with a ceremony and moment of silence.

Tens of thousand of people were killed in the city when US forces dropped an atomic bomb on the morning of August 9th, 1945. The bombing led to the end of the second world war, and Japan's surrender, some time later. The Japanese city of Hiroshima was also bombed by US troops, with the death toll in the larger city much higher.

Thousands of people are thought to have died some time after each bombing, from the impact of radiation or burns.

Prime minister Naoto Kan laid a wreath at the event, which was attended by representatives from 32 countries.

However, the lack of US attendance was noted at the ceremony, despite ambassador John Roos going to a similar event in Hiroshima. Conflicts with schedule were blamed for the no show by the US Embassy in Tokyo.

Written by Mark Smith.

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