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Monday, 2nd August 2010
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US ambassador to attend Hiroshima service

The US ambassador to Japan is to attend a memorial service for the victims of the Hiroshima atomic bomb for the first time.

John Roos is due to be present at this year's ceremony on August 6th, according to state department spokesman Philip Crowley. Speaking about the news, he said that the US "thought it was the right thing to do".

The US dropped two atomic bombs on Japan during the second world war, which hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th 1945 and August 9th respectively. Tens of thousands of people died instantly in both bombings and many more are thought to have died years later from the after effects of the nuclear fallout.

Little more than a week after the bombings, Japan surrendered and the war was over.

According to Hiroshima officials, an invitation to attend the Hiroshima memorial service has been extended to both the US president and the US ambassador to Japan for the past 12 years.

Written by Susan Ballion.

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