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Monday, 12th July 2010
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Asahi enjoys top selling position in Japanese market

Beer firm Asahi Breweries was the top firm for shipments of the beverage in Japan in the months between January and June, new figures have shown.

Numbers released by the company revealed that during the period, it shipped 76.95 cases, which gives it a share in the market of some 37.1 per cent. The next biggest brewery in terms of shipments within the same time frame is Kirin Brewery, which had an overall market share of 36.4 per cent.

This is the first time in two and a half years that Asahi has beaten its beverage rival in marker share but the figures also showed a drop in the number of beer shipments overall, which could be a sign of a still anaemic domestic market for the drink.

Core machinery orders in Japan, which are seen as a key indicator of business conditions, have also recently fallen, new figures released last week revealed.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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