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Friday, 9th July 2010
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Japanese pod hotels 'a crazy place to sleep'

Capsule style hotels, popular with many in Japan due to their convenience and low price, are one of the craziest places to sleep while on holiday, it has been noted.

Travel blog Liligo included capsule hotels in a list of the top seven most crazy places to spend a night on a trip abroad, alongside an ice hotel in Canada and a plane converted into a guesthouse in the Netherlands.

The blog commented that Japanese capsule hotels, which provide guests with a bed in a space measuring around two metres by one, can be found all around the country.

"Most include a television, power outlet and Wi-Fi connection. Luggage is stored in a nearby locker and there is a curtain for privacy," it said.

The main draw of such accommodation is the low price, it noted, as "rooms" can be rented for as little as £15 a night.

Capsule hotels are increasingly popular with businessmen, who may have overdone it at a post-work drinking session and need somewhere cheap and convenient to stay before heading back to work the next morning.

Written by Kimberley Homer.