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Tuesday, 15th June 2010
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Welsh player makes move to Japan

Rugby player Sam Norton-Knight has moved from the Cardiff Blues to join a squad in Japan.

Norton-Knight, who hails from Australia, will now play for the Sanyo Wild Knights, after failing to reach his expected level of play at the Welsh side. Chief executive of the Cardiff Blues Robert Norster said that while Norton-Knight is a "talented athlete", the side did not get to see his full potential on the field.

Norton-Knight has played for the Cardiff Blues since September last year and has appeared in 20 games for the team.

The Sanyo Wild Knights were established in 1960 and are based in Ota city, in the Gunma prefecture. The squad are backed by the electrical firm Sanyo and play in the Japanese Top League.

Members of the squad include Tomokazu Soma, Wataru ikeda, Hisayoshi Sato and Atsushi Tanabe.

In a statement, the Cardiff Blues said they wish Norton-Knight and his family the best of luck with their new life in Japan.

Written by Mark Smith.