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Thursday, 10th June 2010
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Japanese prosecutors seek jail for whaling protestor

Japanese prosecutors in the case of a whaling protestor from New Zealand on trial after boarding a hunting vessel to make a citizen's arrest are asking for him to be jailed for two years, it has been reported.

During the last whale hunt season, activist Peter Bethune, a member of the US eco group the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, boarded a whaling boat in the middle of the night and is accused of attacking a whaler with a stink bomb made of rancid butter.

The whaler suffered chemical burns to his face.

Bethune was detained on the ship and arrested once it got back to a Japanese port. He is now standing trail charged with assault, related charges to do with how he gained access to the boat, vandalism and being in possession of a knife, according to news agency AFP.

Japanese authorities claim that its regular whale hunt is to do with scientific research.

Written by Kimberley Homer.