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Thursday, 10th June 2010
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Japanese cabinet popularity on the rise

Support for the new cabinet in Japan has risen above 60 per cent, according to new polls.

Figures from opinion polls published in Japanese newspaper showed that ahead of the nation's July elections, new prime minister Naoto Kan and his cabinet are enjoying high levels of public support, reported Xinhua.

The source reported on specific figures from Japanese newspapers, with the Mainichi Shimbun putting the current level of support for prime minister Kan and his new cabinet as high as 66 per cent. According to this newspaper, more than 40 per cent of Japanese voters will back the ruling Democratic Party of Japan in the next election.

Previous prime minister and party leader Yukio Hatoyama stepped down unexpectedly last week after a decision to keep a US military base on the Japanese island of Okinawa led to sharp falls in his popularity among voters.

He had pledged to move the base during his election campaign.

Written by Mark Smith.