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Wednesday, 9th June 2010
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Dolphin film screenings cancelled in Japan

A number of cinemas in Japan have cancelled showings of a film about dolphin hunting following protests about the movie.

The Cove, which won best documentary feature at this year's Oscars, shows culling of dolphins by Japanese fisherman but it has been blasted by protestors in the country for being anti-Japanese.

Following protests outside the main offices of film distributor Unplugged, some Japanese cinemas have now cancelled their viewings.

According to the cinemas, which are located in Tokyo and Osaka, they have received phone calls warning of disruption from protestors should the screenings go ahead.

As well as dolphin hunting, Japan's annual whale hunt also attracts attention from the outside world. Some nations have urged Japan to put an end to the hunt but it insists that the cull takes place in the name of scientific research.

During the last whaling season, an eco protestor was arrested after boarding a whaling vessel in the hope of making a citizen's arrest on its captain.

Written by Mark Smith.

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