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Thursday, 11th December 2008
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Innovative energy source runs at Tokyo station

Rail passengers running to catch their trains at Tokyo station will be doing a lot more than just saving time.

They will also be helping to save the planet, thanks to a new electricity generation system being used at the station.

JR East has brought in new technology that harnesses the vibrations from the footsteps of passengers passing through ticket gates to create electricity.

The power can then be used to run display systems and the gates themselves.

Visitors to Tokyo can now see the innovations in action by heading to the station, which is located close to the city's Marunouchi business district and the grounds of the Imperial Palace.

Built in 1914, the main facade of complex is an impressive brick construction that is often said to be modelled on the station in Amsterdam.

Originally the design boasted impressive glass domes, but these were destroyed during bombing raids in 1945.