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Thursday, 11th December 2008
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More tasty treats for Japanese test takers

Students in Japan may be in for a treat ahead of their entrance examinations as food manufacturers in the country increase the number of so-called "lucky" products, according to the Mainichi Daily News.

Nestle plans to expand its popular KitKat range with a new flavour - Daigaku Imo - which contains a sweet potato filling known as naruto kintoki.

According to the news source, the "kin" in "kintoki" means gold, while daigaku refers to college. The flavour will be available in Japan from December 29th.

Nestle's original KitKat chocolate bar is thought to be a favourite study snack for Japanese students as its name sounds similar to the Kyushu regional phrase "Kitto Katsuto", which means "I'll definitely win".

According to the chocolate manufacturer, around one-quarter of Japanese students bring KitKat bars as good luck charms to the test centres.

Over in the UK, Nestle claims that the KitKat is the best-selling confectionery brand, with sales of more than £170 million recorded in 2004.

It was launched in 1935 as Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp and was later renamed as KitKat Chocolate Crisp.

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