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Tuesday, 4th May 2010
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Oldest woman in the world dies in Japan

A Japanese woman believed to be the world's oldest female has died at the age of 114.

Kama Chinen would have been 115 on May 10th but passed away over the weekend. She was top of the list of worldwide supercentarians complied by the Gerentology Research Group.

Following her death, a woman who lives on the Caribbean island of St Barthelemy is now thought to be the world's oldest living woman.

According to Japan Today, the oldest woman in Japan is now Chiyono Hasegawa, who is 113.

Ms Chinen hailed from the Okinawa prefecture and was living at a rest home in the region of Nanjo.

She may be seen as an example of the impressive life expectancy which can be seen by following a traditional Japanese diet.

The Japanese diet is often highlighted as a healthy way to eat as it includes high levels of fresh fish, vegetables and green tea, which is known for its antioxidant qualities.

Written by Mark Smith.

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