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Friday, 16th April 2010
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Travellers 'following their belly' on trips

More people are choosing their holiday spots based on the range of culinary treats they could experience on their trip, it has been noted.

According to the International Culinary Tourism Association, destinations which are tempting people to visit to sample the food include parts of Asia, Vancouver in Canada and the state of South Australia.

President of the group Erik Wolf said: "Organisations realise that food and drink are the only tourism products that all visitors enjoy. Not everyone shops, attends the theatre or golfs, but everyone eats."

Japan is a well known foodie destination and is definitely an ideal place to visit for those who love seafood.

Traditional dishes such as sashimi and sushi can allow people to try octopus, eel and other types of interesting fish that they may not have thought about eating at home.

The nation offers a staggering array of food and even those on a tight budget can experience an interesting Japanese dining experience by heading to one of its millions of noodle bars.

These attract everyone from high paid business men to the young and trendy of Japan.

Written by Mark Smith.

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