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Wednesday, 7th April 2010
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Japan Airlines job cuts plan revealed

Troubled carrier Japan Airlines is to cut a third of its current workforce over this financial year, according to local reports in Japan.

Business newspaper the Nikkei Daily claimed that instead of the three-year job loss structure which the airline previously announced, the firm will now give a third of its staff the chop this financial year.

This could see more than 16,450 staff lose their jobs by March 2011, it noted.

The job cuts are part of a restructuring plan aimed at rescuing the ailing airline, which filed for bankruptcy in January with huge debt.

The airline, Japan's biggest, is still firmly in the red and is reportedly losing as much as one billion yen every day.

Japan Airline's restructuring is being backed by the country's government and is also set to include the cutting of many domestic and international routes, as well as the selling of old equipment.

Written by Mark Smith.

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