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Wednesday, 24th March 2010
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Japanese exports up, figures reveal

Exports from Japan rose by 45 per cent in February, compared with the same month a year previous, new figures have shown.

This represents the third month in a row where the country has enjoyed a year-on-year increase and the rise was put down to an increase in car shipments, general machinery and electronic machinery.

The biggest rise was seen in the car sector, with shipments up by 117 per cent. Electronic machinery was up 46 per cent, with general seeing a rise of more than 31 per cent.

As well as a rise in overall exports, Japanese exports to the rest of Asia also rose sharply, going up by 55 per cent in Feburary.

This figure is even more important for the Japanese economy as Asia-bound products account for the majority of the country's export industry.

Japanese suffered its worst recession since the end of the second world war last year, but the economy is now on its way to health.

Written by Kimberley Homer.