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Wednesday, 24th March 2010
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Nintendo shares up on DS leak

Leaked information about the brand new Nintendo DS gaming system has seen shares in the firm rise on the Japanese stock exchange.

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that it is developing a new DS system but just a day later, Japanese news source the Nikkei has published details about its specification and release date.

According to the news outlet, the Nintendo 3DS - expected to be the firm's first foray into 3D gaming - will go on the market by the end of this year and it could boast a 3D joystick, an accelerometer and a force feedback rumble feature to add to the overall playing experience.

The newspaper also claimed that the screen of the new device would be smaller than four inches across.

Following the announcement and the leaked details, shares in Nintendo went up by 4.61 per cent. The company's parts suppliers also enjoyed a rise in stock value following the news.

Written by Mark Smith.

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