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Friday, 19th March 2010
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Japan shocks with ice hockey win

The Japanese Paralympic ice hockey team has triumphed over hosts Canada in a shock win.

Canada, who are the current champions in ice hockey, has now lost out on its chance to retain the leadership and scoop gold, over a strong Japanese side managed to knock back 19 attempts on goal by the host nation.

The final score was Canada one, Japan three, with captain of the Canadian team Jean Labonte calling the loss "disappointing".

Coach of the Japanese squad Koijin Nakakita could not hide his joy at the win - but joked that it was unexpected and that if Japan "played them 1,000 times" they would lose 999 of the matches.

The win puts Japan in the ice hockey finals where they will face the US, who beat Norway in a previous match to secure their place in the end game.

Canadian newspaper the Toronto Star reported that after the win, "the Japanese players mobbed each other. Mitsuru shed tears of joy".

Written by Kimberley Homer.