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Tuesday, 16th March 2010
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Japanese car makers make electric pledge

A number of Japanese car manufacturers have joined forces to take the electric vehicle industry forward.

Toyota - the world's biggest car maker - Nissan and Mitsubishi have teamed up with the Tokyo Electric Power Company and Fuji Heavy Industries to form the CHAdeMO council.

The aim of the body is to come up with a standardised technology for charging electric cars which can be used across the whole motor industry. Following the creation of the technology, the firms hope that more places across Japan will start to offer charging stations.

As well as these five firms, a further 158 companies are set to join the council, including a number of overseas businesses, in a bid to make the new charging method a world standard.

The Japanese car industry has often led the way in the electric and hybrid car sector. Toyota Prius cars have been the top selling vehicle in Japan for the past nine months and the model is also the world's most popular hybrid.

Written by Mark Smith.