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Monday, 4th January 2010
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Japanese government closes Yemen embassy

The Japanese government has announced the closure of its embassy in Yemen over terrorist attack fears.

According to local news reports, the government followed in the footsteps of both the US and the UK, with the Yemen embassies of both countries closed after worries that the terrorist group Al-Queda may strike the nation.

Both the UK and the US embassies are in the Sanaa region of Yemen. The French embassy in the nation's capital is also closed amid terror fears and the German government said it is taking steps to up security measures at its embassy buildings.

The closures follow a botched bomb plot which saw a 23-year-old Nigerian passenger attempt to blow up a plane heading to Detroit on Christmas Day.

Following the attempt, airports around the world have announced plans to ramp up security, with plans in place to introduce full body scanners at airports in the UK.

Written by Kimberley Homer.