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Thursday, 31st December 2009
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Japan 'forcing wine snobs to think again'

New brands being produced in Japan are leading to changes in how the country's wine is perceived by experts around the world.

While Japan is well known for alcohol such as sake, it has failed to make an impact in the wine world - and the Guardian noted that the country is "infamous for producing the kind of plonk that gives wine a bad name".

However, in a change from the blended imported wine often seen in Japan, the country is now exporting wine made solely from grapes grown domestically and it is proving popular in both the US and Europe.

Wine is now being made with the Koshu grape, which is similar to the European variety that is used for sauvignon blanc.

"It makes sense that Japan should have a viable wine export industry, when you consider that there are hundreds of Japanese restaurants in New York alone," president of Tokyo wine firm Millesimes Ernest Singer told the newspaper.

Written by Mark Smith.