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Thursday, 26th November 2009
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Japanese man marries virtual girlfriend

A Japanese man has married his virtual girlfriend, who is a character in a dating game.

The gamer, known in the virtual world as Sal9000, married Nene Anegasaki, who is a character in the Nintendo DS game Love Plus, at a chapel on the island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean.

Previously, he had taken part in a ceremony at a technology festival which was held in Tokyo last weekend.

The Love Plus game allows users to date characters, who then change their personality depending on how the user interacts with them and how they are treated - giving gamers a chance to, in affect, create their perfect partner.

"Popular in Japan's geek subculture, the game invites players to pick a girlfriend and then challenges them to woo her by taking her out on 'dates' and perform boyfriend duties such as saying 'I love you' 100 times into the handheld games console," reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

Written by Kimberley Homer.