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Hokuriku Highlights

4 Nights: price on request Trip Code: EPJ300

This very special Exclusive Private Journey module introduces the Hokuriku region, where you'll stay in some of Japan's finest accommodation in the garden city of Kanazawa and the hot spring region of Kaga Onsen. Read more >

With a wonderful hand-picked guide plus a car and driver on hand, this Exclusive Private Journey module whisks you along the scenic roads of the higher Japanese Alps to reach Shirakawago, one of Japan's most picturesque rural communities. Shirakawago is famous for its collection of centuries-old, thatched-roof farmhouses, which are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

While exploring the Japan Alps, a visit to Eihei-ji can also be included. Eihei-ji is a unique temple complex hidden amid a cedar forest where we can arrange for you to observe the day-to-day lives and rituals of the local monks, and even join them in meditation and sutra-copying. This is an experience not to be found at many other locations in Japan, and one that is certainly not soon forgotten.

As you move on to the garden city of Kanazawa, a place of deep samurai history and rich artistic heritage, you'll have the chance to try your hand at kaga-yuzen dyeing, gold leaf work and ceramics under the tutelage of local experts.

A short distance south from Kanazawa is the hot spring area of Kaga Onsen, where you'll stay in a gorgeous ryokan inn. This is some of the best in traditional Japanese accommodation, and your meals will be served kaiseki banquet style and feature some of the region's best seafood.

This rural Exclusive Private Journey is designed to introduce a traditional side of Japan away from the big cities, showing off some of the nation's loveliest countryside. We recommend that you consider combining this module with some other ideas to create your own tailored Exclusive Private Journey in consultation with one of our expert travel consultants.

Trip Highlights

  • Travel in the bullet train's luxury "Gran Class"
  • Taste Hokuriku's best seafood prepared by the region's top chefs
  • Enjoy fabulous hot spring baths in Kaga Onsen
  • Discover the secrets of Japanese garden design at Kenrokuen
  • Learn from masters in the crafts of lacquerware, ceramics and gold leaf
  • Take the scenic Hakusan Super Rindo road to the alpine village of Shirakawago

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Hokuriku Highlights - 5 Days

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