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Thursday, 19th November 2009
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Man 'living at Japanese airport'

Political protestor Feng Zhenghu has been living at the Narita International Airport for the past two weeks, hoping his sit-in will help him get permission to re-enter his home nation.

Zhenghu, who is Chinese, is hoping to be allowed to go back to China, after being denied entry by the Chinese authorities for the eighth time since June this year.

On his various attempts to get back to his homeland, 55-year-old Zhenghu has either been denied boarding to an aircraft at the start of his journey or sent back to Japan on arrival to China, which happened when he arrived in Shanghai earlier this month.

According to reports, Chinese officials have so far failed to give a reason for their refusal to allow him back home.

He has now been living in the international arrivals area at the airport for two weeks.

The activist has previously been jailed for writing a book which allegedly criticised the regulations that China has in place against investment by foreign companies.

Written by Mark Smith.

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