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Tuesday, 27th October 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Japanese actress pleads guilty to drugs offence

Japanese actress and singer Noriko Sakai has pleaded guilty to drugs charges after appearing at the Tokyo District Court yesterday (October 26th).

Prosecutors are seeking a sentence of 18 months in prison for the charges, which involve possession and the taking of methamphetamines.

Sakai's husband Yuichi Takaso was arrested earlier this year after being found with drugs while in the Shibuya district of Japan.

The actress was arrested a week later - after turning herself in - after disappearing for a week following her husband's arrest.

She has been detained for more than a month and was then released on bail of five million yen.

Channel News Asia reported that while the star could be looking at a sentence of as much as ten years in prison, most first violations in Japan are given suspended sentences.

Sakai released her first single in 1987 and is known for her "girl next door" wholesome image.

Written by Graham McPherson.