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Monday, 19th October 2009
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Japanese First Lady pleases fashion fans

The Japanese First Lady Miyuki Hatoyama has been praised by the fashion crowd for her love of many people's wardrobe staple, blue jeans.

Ms Hatoyama has scooped the Best Jeanist Award, which is given to those in the public eye who are thought to fly the flag for the denim trousers.

The Japan Jeans Association praised the First Lady, who is 66, for her way of wearing jeans in a "classy but revolutionary style".

Commenting on the prize, Ms Hatoyama told the press: "This is the prize I have long wished to win. I'm a jeans lover. I'm always putting on jeans as they're easy to wear."

Other winners in the jean's contest included Japanese boyband member Kazuya Kamenashi, who sings with KAT-TUN, and all the members of girl band Speed, reported AFP.

Meanwhile, fashion lovers heading to Japan soon may be interested to learn that Tokyo Fashion Week is set to begin on October 25th.

Written by Kimberley Homer.