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Friday, 2nd October 2009
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Japan set to hear on Olympic bid

The city which will host the 2016 Olympic games is set to be decided in Copenhagen today (October 2nd), with Tokyo, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid all in the running.

Bookmakers are currently suggesting that Chicago is the favourite, followed closely by Rio de Janeiro, but this Olympic race has been noted as one of the closet run in recent times.

This afternoon, members of the International Olympic Committee will have half an hour of secret voting to decide which city will host the games. There will be a number of voting rounds and each time, the city with the least votes will be eliminated until only one is left.

Representatives from all four cities are also set to make 45-minute presentations to the committee to persuade them that their city is the right place for the famous event to be held.

Tokyo is set to follow Chicago in the presentations, with Madrid presenting at 13:50 local time in Denmark.

Written by Mark Smith.

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