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Wednesday, 23rd September 2009
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74-year-old Japanese bodybuilder scoops accolade

A 74-year-old Japanese man has won a top prize at the Japan Masters Bodybuilding Championships over the weekend, it has been reported.

Tsutomu Tosuka, who only entered the bodybuilding world at 40 after being urged on by a friend, came top of the senior category at the event, which was the 21st such championship, according to the Daily Mail.

The senior category judges the over-70s on their bodybuilding prowess.

Pictures in the newspaper show Mr Tosuka, who the source commented "has a body that would be the envy of millions of men more than half his age", flexing his muscles with his medal hung around his neck.

Meanwhile, fellow Japanese bodybuilder Keisuke Yoshida recently told sector website Critical Bench that he had wanted to enter the profession since he was 13.

He went on to praise the strict rules over drugs in place at Japanese contests.

"That means almost all competitors in the country are, I think, natural bodybuilders," he noted.

Written by Mark Smith.