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Thursday, 17th September 2009
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New mood lighting fitted in Tokyo stations

New LED lighting has been fitted in a number of railway stations in Japan in a bid to reduce the number of suicide deaths in the country, it has been reported.

According to AFP, the East Japan Railway has announced that blue-mood lighting will be installed in all 29 stations on its Toyko line.

So far, seven stations on the Yamanote line have been fitted with blue LED lights, with the rest of the lighting set to be installed by the end of October this year.

A spokesperson from the firm told the news source that the blue light is designed to make "people's minds more serene".

"The blue lighting is in part an effort to prevent suicides … while it is also aimed at reducing misdemeanours such as graffiti and littering," they noted.

Meanwhile, a writer recently noted that to get around Japan quickly and cheaply, using the country's bullet train system was an ideal way of seeing a lot of the country in a short time.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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