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Wednesday, 16th September 2009
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Hatoyama officially sworn in as PM

The leader of the Democratic Party of Japan Yukio Hatoyama has been officially sworn in as the new prime minister of the country today (September 16th).

The shift in power to his party represents the first time in more than 50 years that Japan has not been ruled by the Liberal Democrat Party.

Hatoyama's party enjoyed a landslide victory in last month's elections and the new leader has said he is keen to "stand on the frontline" of political change in the country.

His new cabinet will officially begin work tomorrow.

The recent election represented an interesting time in Japanese politics and the Telegraph noted that the last vote "finally brought home to Japanese voters that they do have a voice and are not obliged to put up with governments that are failing to deliver on their promises".

Among the promises made by the new leader are that he will increase spending on health and education, as well as work to improve ties with the rest of Asia.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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