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Wednesday, 7th January 2009
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Mocha bean shortage hits Japanese coffee shops

A shortage of mocha beans is hitting coffee shops across Japan and forcing them to develop new blends of the beverage to satisfy demand from customers, it has emerged.

The rules restricting the import of mocha beans have been tightened following the discovery of pesticides in them.

Kei Takeuchi, the manager of the Kanda Brazil coffee shop, commented: "It's not easy to recreate the rich flavour of mocha using other beans."

Kanda Brazil is one of many popular coffee shops situated in the Kanda-Jinbocho district of Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward.

Mocha derives its name from a marketplace in Yemen renowned for coffee trading between the 15th and 17th centuries.

Following news of the bean shortage, McDonald's Japan began developing dozens of experimental brands, reports the Daily Yomiuri Online.

The fast food chain said the tests led to the development of a new Premium roast Coffee blend.